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Which of These Six Critical
"Success Factors" Are You Missing?

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World-Class Client Experience

Why focusing on customer service is the worst way to grow your business—and what to do instead to create lifelong client loyalty. Shocking results of national study.

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Qualified Prospective Clients

How to attract your ideal customers like magic—without spending a fortune on advertising.  Five marketing best practices you need to know about.

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Business Systemization

30-second test reveals where you’re wasting your marketing dollars.  HINT: you won’t find it in your P&L.  The real “red flag” is hidden in your business plan.

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Financial Freedom

How much do you really need to fund your dream retirement?  The answer may surprise you.  Here’s how to reach your “magic number” faster—and without taking big risks.

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Quality of Life

Are you a prisoner of your own success?  Here’s how to stop trading dollars for hours...enjoy more time off...and finally enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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Increasing Profitability

Want to grow your revenue by 25% in the next 12 months? Just follow this simple three-step plan, proven to work in almost any business.

About AES Nation

AES Nation is the brainchild of John Bowen.  For over three decades, John has helped successful entrepreneurs create true financial security—both inside and outside of their business. 
The reason John created is simple: he wants to help 100,000 business owners create true financial freedom by 2020. 
The content you’ll find at AES Nation will help you stay on track—and reach those goals even faster. Together, these powerful tools can help you create the financial security most people can only dream about.

The Personal Wealth Assessment is designed to help you find a better way to reach your biggest financial goals.  But it’s just part of a much larger entrepreneurial “success blueprint” called AES Nation.

The Personal Wealth Assessment is your first step to achieving that goal. Once you complete the Assessment, you’ll have 100% clarity on where you are now...where you want to be...and the best way to reach your biggest financial goals.
AES Nation is a unique mastermind group of highly successful business owners.  Every month, we host interactive podcasts with some of today’s top entrepreneurs.

  • For instance, we recently met with Dan Sullivan, who revealed the fastest way to create 10X growth in your business.
  • Marketing expert Joe Polish sat down to discuss his best-kept secrets to successful networking. 
  • And media mogul Arianna Huffington revealed how she transformed the Huffington Post from a tiny news website into brand known world-wide.

Every AES Nation podcast is full of proven strategies, insights, and tactics to help you take your business to the next level of success. What’s more, they’re free of charge and open to all.
You can see all of our powerful expert interviews—and download full transcripts of each webinar—at